Criteria and selection procedure

In order to apply for coaching by ToolBox, your association should meet following criteria:

The association pursues social objectives and your beneficiaries live in Belgium. You employ between 2 and 20 full time equivalents (FTE). Your board approves your application to be coached by ToolBox.  Please note that during our introductory discussions  the ToolBox coordination team will discuss further these different criteria.

If the association qualifies for  coaching by ToolBox, a group of 12 people active in the association will be  required to reply to a survey. This will assist ToolBox in forming a diagnosis and in prioritising to be undertaken.

All coaching is managed on a project basis with clear objectives and a detailed roadmap. Associations should anticipate the involvement of ToolBox for 3 years. Different  types of workflows may be addressed within an association; the ToolBox-team can adjust priorities  in accordance to the expertise needed and available at that moment.

Coached associations become members of ToolBox and pay an annual fee of between 500 and 2 000€ depending on the number of FTEs and their financial situation. ToolBox invoice the associations a start-up fee of 500€.