Discover all you need to know about SELF GOVERNMENT

Un nouveau guide pratique sur l’AUTOGESTION est désormais disponible!

It is in a context of team growth, making the decision-making process and the organization of governance more and more complex, that the question of the reconciliation of the imperatives of operational efficiency and the philosophy of action that constitutes the very principle of SELF GOVERNMENT, given the legal imperatives related to the very form of an association.

Thanks to the work of our expert volunteers, a practical guide is now available for all ToolBox volunteers who are already active but also for future volunteers who would encounter this type of problem within the organization in which they work. This guide will be enriched and completed as new experiences acquired by ToolBox volunteers. To consult it, you can contact Cécile Vennat.

Thanks to Antoine PARMENTIER, Jean-Pierre POLET and Anne DEMEUSE for their key roles on this subject, making it possible to capitalize and share expertise within the ToolBox community!

To complete this approach, and in order to best support volunteers in their mission, Antoine and Jean-Pierre are both named “ToolBox Referents” in the field of self-management. They are at your disposal for any useful help in this area, in collaboration with your ToolBox coordinators.

Referents “Self-Government”
Antoine Parmentier
+32 498 52 03 80

Jean-Pierre Polet
+32 475 62 47 18

ToolBox Coordinator
Cécile Vennat
+32 470 98 15 58

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