ToolBox-professionals have all developed a solid expertise in one or more management domains. They are keen and curious to discover a different environment and share without charge  their experience, ability and competences with  managers of the social profit sector.

ToolBox matches its professionals with associations that seek coaching. It introduces  them into a network of motivated professionals, offers screening and evaluation tools, a coaching methodology, information and training. In addition there are themed meetings where experiences are shared and the support of the coordination team obtained.

Coachings is carried out by a minimum of two  professionals who provide their services for eight hours  per month.

Does this concept excite or intrigue you? Become a ToolBox professional and benefit from this enriching experience where we are confident that you gain as much as you give.


Testimonials from the professionals

(c) ToolBox
« Dans le but d’augmenter l’impact de son message, Amnesty International nous a invités à étudier les synergies possibles entre ses bureaux d’Anvers et de Bruxelles. »
(c) ToolBox
« Het is heel verrijkend om je professionele ervaring te vertalen naar een nieuwe context en te delen met een non profit organisatie. »