Mission, Vision, strategy

To know what you are, where you want to go, what your objectives are for the3, 4 or 5 years and how you plan to achieve them is an overview  of one of the workflows we often undertake within an association.

General management, organization

The way in which an organization is structured  is often an aspect  in which we coach an association. Sometimes an association may be  experiencing  fast growth but at the same time, be confronted with a harsh financial situation and cash flow issues. It is important at that moment to consider the association as a whole entity, to take a holistic approach before deciding specific actions.

Once the overall  aspects have been resolved, a different team of ToolBox professionals can contribute with specific expertise on financial advice, HR etc

Financial advice

Independent of the development stage of your project, financial reporting is a crucial instrument for sound management.

Our coaching explains the development of a financial plan, the setting up an appropriate accounting system, and the choice of management g tools for financial follow-up etc.

Communication and marketing

Our professionals analyse how the association presents itself through its  brochures, leaflets, website, events etc

ToolBox  maps the different stakeholders of the association (beneficiaries, members, partners, employees, government…). The key messages are analysed and evaluated according to their communication objectives (recruiting members, publisizingan event, fundraising…); the value proposal is being identified and communicated through appropriated media.

Human resources

Your employees are the most valuable resource in your association.

Our professionals will help you to set up an organigram, to develop job descriptions, in the recruitment of new employees, and in the efficiency of  your internal communication.

Some of our volunteers offer and provide  individual or group coaching tailored according to your needs. Others are experts in conflict mediation.


TooolBox also matches the needs of an association with the appropriate  IT infrastructure, and offers  advice on setting up networks

In addition, ToolBox  can also assist you in developing and coordinating an IT strategy

Legal advice

We can answer both very precise and specific questions or address a more complex and general issue.. Our professionals may not have  specific knowledge of social profit regulations but they are able to  help you analyze your question and find answers through the strength of their network and experience.

Governance and participation at board level

Sound governance requires the definition of  roles and responsibilities of the general assembly, board and executive committee. Our professionals can help you optimize the functioning of these 3 bodies.

Some of our volunteers have both  solid professional expertise and a good knowledge of the social profit sector. As a consequence they are prepared to  accept a mandate within a board of directors, as administrator or observer. Their independence and fresh look combined with their expertise is usually recognisedas very valuable by the association.


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Benefit from:

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