The ToolBox team is pleased to welcome its new Communication & Community Manager, Catherine de T’Serclaes

Throughout my years working in different communication companies and other, I had the chance to develop my knowledge and enrich myself with exciting experiences. However, I still had this feeling in the background that it was meaningless.

Working to develop your skills is essential, but what is it really good for if they are only useful to me and my client? Does not it miss an important part of sharing, a more human aspect? How to preach to my children openness to others and benevolence if I do not do it myself …

By coming to sign up as a ToolBox volunteer, I was immediately seduced by their project: to offer support to a large number of passionate non-profit organizations, to support a team of enthusiastic professional volunteers, all within a framework structure. Here are all the necessary ingredients for an optimal result!

I am very happy today to be able to join this team and develop with it the growing potential of the association. I am convinced that volunteer work will become more and more important in the social sector. Large companies already offer philanthropic projects to their employees in search of meaning. To effectively support committed NPOs while remaining in their comfort zone (= their acquired skills), is this not a simple way to take part in the development of our society?

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