Degroof Petercam

(c) ToolBox

The Degroof Petercam Foundation (DPF), the foundation of Degroof Petercam Bank, was created with the intention of helping fellow citizens to take ownership over their lives and futures.

The Foundation was founded in 2008. The 10th anniversary of the Foundation was the opportunity to review our strategy and innovate the way we support for-impact-organizations.

We focus on solutions that provide skills, entrepreneurship, and job market support. Each year, we select one project which receives a €1 Million grant over a period of five years, and an intensive non-financial support to help it in its scale-up ambitions. We also select two runners-up who benefit from a one-shot grant of €50k and an ad hoc non-financial support.

Next to this, we have developed a new Skills-based Sponsorship Program for which Degroof Petercam gives 2 hours of working time a month to colleagues willing to help a social initiative with their talents and expertise. Employees can then engage themselves either as a mentor (help a job seeker to accomplish his professional project) or as a coach (help an organization becoming more professional).

Thanks to its expertise in skills sponsorship, we directly thought of Toolbox. It is was indeed paramount for us to find the right structure that would allow us to identify interesting projects and match them with our collaborators, according to the needs of the projects and the skills of our colleagues.

Working with Toolbox provides our employees with a specific methodology that allows them to best support the organizations they work with, in a reassuring environment.

More info on website of Degroof Petercam.