Who we are

Who we are

ToolBox is a nonprofit organization aiming at supporting and improving the management of associations active in the Belgian social sector. At present about 150 socially committed experts assist and advise, without charge, such associations and provide them with their expertise.

For more than 15 years ToolBox has provided a framework, methodology and the necessary tools to ensure  effective coaching.

Volunteers at the service of the social sector

Our network of experts  provide a range of  consultancy services with the objective of  improving the management of social profit organizations. These services cover the fields of strategic planning, HR, marketing and communication, ICT, financial and legal counseling. Our professionals are available for eight hours  per month and coach in teams of a minimum of two consultants.

ToolBox selects motivated pro bono experts and provides them with the necessary support to conduct successfully their mission.

Social profits who want to improve their impact

ToolBox coaches social profits employing between 2 and 20 full time equivalents (FTE) and active in the Belgian social sector.

Skilled and experienced human and financial resource is  scarce in the social profit sector. However available resources can often be developed to improve their social impact.

Based upon a thorough analysis of strategic and organizational elements (mission, vision, strategy, processes, infrastructure…) ToolBox identifies  with the association the key priorities to be tackled.

The Operational Team is in charge of matching the expertise of our members with the needs of the associations.

Coached associations become members of ToolBox and pay an annual fee between 500 and 2 000€ depending on the number of FTEs and their financial situation. ToolBox will invoice the associations a start-up fee of 500€.

Important partners

The loyal support of its partners has allowed ToolBox to carry out her activities. Among them: Cera, Degroof Petercam, the Bernheim Foundation, Total,  PwC, BNP Paribas Fortisthe Fund of the Friends of ToolBox and KOTK.

Transparency and strong governance

ToolBox can rely on a transparent governance system based on accountability at all levels.

A team of coordinators is at the disposal of the professionals and the associations and accompany them in all the aspects of their coaching. The coordination team is supported by a board of directors and a general assembly.