Kom Op Tegen Kanker

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Avoiding, combatting and relieving cancer: that’s what Kom op tegen Kanker does since 1989. In 30 years’ time, the organisation developed into one of the most predominant, established and credible NPO in Belgium, and also into one of the largest fundraisers. Kom op tegen Kanker wants to ensure that less people are contracting cancer. That is the reason why we address governments to promote changes in the legislation helping to reduce the risk of cancer in the population. We inform and raise awareness on how the risk of cancer can be reduced and about the (dis)advantages of early detection. We also finance research on possible causes of cancer. 

Kom op tegen Kanker wants to contribute to better treatments and higher chances of survival for people suffering from cancer.  People with cancer do not only need medical care, they also need psychological, emotional, social and, sometimes, financial support. We address healthcare and policy-making institutions to promote qualitative and affordable treatment and care as that is something every patient is entitled to.  

We train care volunteers who visit patients in hospitals, bring together people suffering from the same disease or offer a sympathetic ear through the Cancer line (Kankerlijn). Kom op Tegen Kanker also wants to play a pioneering role for cancer patients who now have little or no access to proper care. For that reason, we organise all kinds of initiatives for vulnerable groups such as children, young people, elderly people, foreigners and people with financial problems due to their illness.