We are at the service
of social, environmental, and cultural organizations.


With the support of our volunteer professionals, we help you develop your skills.

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Why get coached by our volunteer experts?


Skills volunteering: This is when a volunteer professional offers his/her time and expertise by sharing professional and personal skills with a non-profit organization.


To find answers

Leadership coaching

To further development

Ressources financières

To increase your organization’s impact


To ensure its sustainability


Our experts help you overcome internal challenges.

With the support of our pro bono experts, you will integrate new skills into your organization and develop tailor-made solutions.

ToolBox can assist you with the biggest challenges that organisations face today:


Our tailor-made support


ToolBox and its volunteer experts - the ToolBoxers - provide tailor-made support and multiple intervention formats for an effective response to diverse organisational challenges:



A duo of ToolBoxers provides guidance to organizations wishing to work on one or more questions in monthly 4-hour workshops programmed over a period of 6 to 18 months. This support is scalable, with the possibility of integrating new questions and/or bringing in new ToolBoxers, depending on the skills required.

Director coaching

Short- or long-term individual leadership support from one ToolBoxer coach.

Social challenge

A team of 5 partners' employees is committed to assist the organization in a precisely defined challenge in monthly 4-hour workshops programmed over a period of 4 months.


A team of 8 to 15 partners' employees devotes up to one day to developing ways to solve a problem identified by the organization.


1 or 2 ToolBoxers address a specific question asked by an organization during a 2-hour session.

Toolbox hub

Workshops, intervisions and collective support to share your skills and knowledge and learn from those of other members of our network of organizations, ToolBoxers and partners.

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The support process

Human relationships are the basis of our work. The ToolBox team remains by your side at every step of our collaboration to help you identify the solution best suited to your needs.



We get to know each other, we discover your organization and its challenges, we identify your needs and clarify your coaching request together.


We select volunteer experts whose professional and personal skills best match your needs and your organization’s thinking. You connect, and the collaboration begins.


Volunteer experts work with you to develop a tailor-made, effective and sustainable solution for your organization..


Your organization is strengthened by new skills that it can use autonomously.

ToolBox in 2023




Member organizations


Supported Projects


Our eligibility criteria

ToolBox accompanies

➤ Social purpose organizations (social, environmental and cultural missions) who seek to increase their impact. (this is the list of SDG adopted by the United Nations)
➤ Whose beneficiaries are in Belgium
➤ Whose Board of Directors is motivated by a support process (even if it is not directly concerned)
➤ Who do not have the means to pay for external support to accompany them
➤ Who are open and ready to be challenged by objective external advice
ToolBox Hub

When you join us, you also become a member of the ToolBox Hub.

The ToolBox Hub is a place where members can meet and exchange knowledge. Throughout the year we invite you to workshops and trainings offered by and for our members. This will give you the opportunity to meet other members - ToolBoxers, members of social, cultural, and environmental organizations and partner organizations - and to establish collaborations between people who are driven by the same wish to improve the daily lives of vulnerable people.
We also regularly hold sessions where directors of organizations and/or chairmen of the boards of directors can exchange working methods. We provide a constructive and supportive space for cross sector exchange between colleagues.
« I had the feeling that I could ask Nik and Sam anything and that they would always be prepared to support me as best as they could.»
— Colette,Krijt vzw
ToolBox Hub

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