Here are the projects in which our ToolBoxers share their skills and accompany social, cultural and environmental organisations:


Mission, Vision, Strategy 

Knowing clearly who you are, where you want to go, what you want to achieve in 3, 4 or 5 years and how: that is what is most often addressed on ToolBox. 
A carefully and realistically developed vision and its underlying strategies are the prerequisites for any action taken. They enable the board of directors and the teams to develop a common response to any problems and challenges that may arise.  

Project management 

A strategy without a methodology to execute it makes little sense. That is why our volunteer project management experts will help you develop a concrete and pragmatic operational plan to put your idea into action.


General Management, Organization

The organization of the functioning of the association is an area in which our members are frequently solicited. It is imperative to consider the association as a whole before addressing a specific issue, be it dealing with rapid expansion or solving a difficult situation. 
This initial work often involves the assistance of other volunteer experts specialized in finance, human resources, etc. 


Governance concerns the respective roles and responsibilities of the general meeting, the board of directors and the day-to-day management. Our volunteer experts can help you keep these bodies working efficiently and implement best practices.  


Fundraising, self-financing, development of services  

How can you diversify your sources of income and thus increase the effectiveness of the service to your beneficiaries? The specific profile of the organization and its needs will determine the type of funding. 
Our experts will help you to create a complete fundraising plan for a project developed within your organization. They can also help you develop and market a service (or product) that will increase your financial independence.  

Communication, Marketing 

Our volunteer professionals analyze all the messages sent by the organization to the outside world and observe the way they are presented.  
All of your organization's stakeholders (target audiences, members, donors, employees, etc.) are mapped. Key messages are defined according to the communication goals (commitment, visibility, fundraising, etc.). The real added value of your project is identified and communicated through the most appropriate channels. 


Digital tools increase the effectiveness of an organization. When an organization tackles social issues, digital efficiency becomes a crucial issue. Our experts are there to help you choose solutions that match the situation in the field.  


Whatever the stage of development of your social project, financial monitoring is an essential management tool. 
Our support includes the development of a financial plan, the analysis of cash flow, costs and services, the implementation of solid accounting, the production of monitoring tables, etc. 

Human Resources, Team Management and Coaching 

The staff and volunteers are your organization's most valuable resource. 
Our volunteer experts help you define a coherent HR policy, draw up an organizational chart, determine job profiles and an adapted recruitment process, optimize internal communication, etc.  
Some of our volunteers are also trained in individual or team coaching techniques.