Give your skills a new meaning.  
By becoming an agent of change. 

For a fairer society. 

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By putting your skills at the service of social organization leaders and their teams, you can increase the impact of their mission to help vulnerable groups. 



Become a ToolBoxer 

Why should you become a volunteer at ToolBox? 

  • Grow

    To enhance your talents 

  • Leadership coaching

    To create new relationships 

  • Ressources financières

    To feel useful 

  • Coaching

    To find meaning in your personal and profesionnal life 

You support social, environmental or cultural organizations in their goal to increase their skills and improve the impact and sustainability of their mission. 


A human approach to volunteer expertise 


Becoming a ToolBoxer means immersing yourself in the daily life of social purpose organizations. Your external advice will allow the organization to step back to assess its functioning and identify new solutions. 

We support our ToolBoxers throughout their support project, whilst leaving them in charge of their methodology and coaching content. 
WELCOME An individual meeting will allow us to get to know you and identify your skills and expectations.
CONNECT We propose that you– and, if appropriate, another ToolBoxer- provide support to an organization within the framework of a project for which your skills are relevant, located in your region and which meets your expectations. 
COACH We accompany you throughout the project, acting as a sounding board to assist in the successful completion of your project. 
FACILITATE In the event of an impasse, we facilitate the discussion between you and the non-profit organization to allow the project to proceed smoothly 
SUPPORT We grant you access to the tools developed over the years by the ToolBoxers network (the ToolBox Hub) and invite you to multiple workshops and training sessions throughout the year. 
COACHING APPROACH An approach based on listening, empathy and benevolence will encourage the organization to find its own solutions. 
RESPECT Be respectful of the organization’s work and teams
ENGAGEMENT Fulfill your mission to the best of your ability and commit to completing it 
CONFIDENTIALITE Guarantee the confidentiality of any information obtained during your mission

ToolBox in 2023




Member organizations


Supported Projects

Our tailor-made support


ToolBox and its volunteer experts - the ToolBoxers - provide tailor-made support and multiple intervention formats for an effective response to diverse organisational challenges:



A duo of ToolBoxers provides guidance to organizations wishing to work on one or more questions in monthly 4-hour workshops programmed over a period of 6 to 18 months. This support is scalable, with the possibility of integrating new questions and/or bringing in new ToolBoxers, depending on the skills required.

Director coaching

Short- or long-term individual leadership support from one ToolBoxer coach.

Social challenge

A team of 5 partners' employees is committed to assist the organization in a precisely defined challenge in monthly 4-hour workshops programmed over a period of 4 months.


A team of 8 to 15 partners' employees devotes up to one day to developing ways to solve a problem identified by the organization.


1 or 2 ToolBoxers address a specific question asked by an organization during a 2-hour session.

Toolbox hub

Workshops, intervisions and collective support to share your skills and knowledge and learn from those of other members of our network of organizations, ToolBoxers and partners.

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ToolBox Hub

When you join us, you also become a member of the ToolBox Hub.

The ToolBox Hub is a place where members can meet and exchange knowledge. Throughout the year we invite you to workshops and trainings offered by and for our members. This will give you the opportunity to meet other members - ToolBoxers, members of social, cultural, and environmental organizations and partner organizations - and to establish collaborations between people who are driven by the same wish to improve the daily lives of vulnerable people.
We also regularly hold sessions where directors of organizations and/or chairmen of the boards of directors can exchange working methods. We provide a constructive and supportive space for cross sector exchange between colleagues.

The impact of your involvement as a ToolBoxer 

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You increase your understanding of social challenges and give a new meaning to the skills you acquired throughout your personal and professional development. 


By helping organizations to strengthen their actions, you actively participate in improving the support services offered to vulnerable groups. 


By immersing yourself in a new environment, you are drawn out of your comfort zone to challenge your professional and personal skills.


"I found this a rewarding experience which taught me to apply acquired skills in an unfamiliar sphere. Furthermore, I am grateful for the opportunity to meet inspirational people who are dedicated to a non-personal project, they are a true role model. A real inspiration!" 

— Nicolas D

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