Don't fear it, embrace it! Digital transformation.

Thursday December 01, 2022 12:30 PM Donderdag 01 December 2022, 12:30 Jeudi 01 Décembre 2022 à 12:30

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Don't fear it, embrace it! Digital transformation.



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Don't fear it, embrace it!

Demystifying and understanding the full potential of digital transformation.


--This session will be given in English--

Everyone has heard about digitalization and digital transformation. Some understand it's something that no organization can be successful without. Others fear what digital transformation implies. 


This workshop will therefore aim to shine a light on what digitalization means, to uncover the ways it can be used to help your organization, and most of all, to address the most common preconceptions around it. Through the use of real life examples and testimony as well as simple explanations, this workshop will, hopefully, leave you with a better understanding of the potential of digital transformation for your organization, will address some of your apprehensions around it and help you understand how to start (or continue) working with it.


Through her education background and professional experience, Julie Deleval has built a strong understanding of the importance of the appropriate use of digitalization at the service of the user and the organizations. After more than 7 years experience in IT startups and scale-ups, in Brussels and Vancouver, working on software and user experience design she decided to focus on helping nonprofit organizations. With her brother Frédéric, she founded Uningo in 2021, an online platform to modernize, professionalize and centralize the management of non profit organisations' main activities.