General Assembly special 20 years

On May 16, we celebrated ToolBox's 20th anniversary together at the Annual General Assembly at Mundo Madou in Brussels.

What a night!

The evening was divided into several parts, starting with the Ordinary General Meeting, during which we listened, among others, to our Director Cécile Vennat present our activities in 2023 and our prospects for the year 2024.

Our partner Streekfonds Oost-Vlaanderen also took the floor to highlight the fruitful collaboration between our 2 organizations, with actually six non-profit organizations supported by Streekfonds Oost-Vlaanderen benefiting from ToolBoxers support.

It was also the moment for our president Johan Goossens to welcome our 2 new administrators Geert Joris and Johan Merlevede (more info here), and to thank Eric Vankeerberghen (more info here) for all he has contributed to ToolBox over the last 16 years as a volunteer, then director and finally administrator.


Johan also informed ToolBox members and friends that he was handing over to Caroline Thijssen (more info here). He will support her in her role as new Chairman of the Board by taking on the role of Vice-Chairman.

To close this session, we enjoyed listening to the testimony of a mission on the theme of governance led by ToolBoxer Alain Loos at Scale Dogs asbl/vzw, represented by Marianne Slingerland. (more info here)

The second part of the evening took the form of collective games. Starting with a “special 20 years” bingo, which definitely got the evening going! From the association's first logo to Chat GTP, the questions retraced ToolBox's development in a slightly unusual way... In the second game, we asked participants to situate their arrival at ToolBox on a timeline, and to share their favorite ToolBox memory. 


On this occasion, Charles-Antoine Janssen, one of the co-founders of ToolBox, shared with us the project he and his 3 companions (Alexandre Lippens, Isabelle Adam and François de Brochgrave) had in mind when they launched ToolBox in 2003. 

-> Here the video (in french)

Finally, it was time to celebrate ToolBox in style with a meal and a drink. Thank you to everyone for making the day such a success! 

-> You can find all the photos of the evening here.

Can't wait for the next ToolBox event!

The ToolBox Team