Let's share our social experience

Friday February 17, 2023 12:30 PM Vrijdag 17 Februari 2023, 12:30 Vendredi 17 Février 2023 à 12:30

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Let's share our social experience



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-- For volunteers only -- 


Dear ToolBoxers,

Following your request to better understand the reality of the social field through the sharing of experiences, and after the success of the three sessions in 2021, we are pleased to invite you to a new session "Let's share our social experience".

The aim of this sharing session is to provide a space in which ToolBoxers can develop their social involvement with the ToolBox Hub network.
CONNECT: Continue to get to know each other and together think about ways to increase our social impact.
SHARE: Share your experiences of working with social organisations and learn about the experiences of other ToolBoxers.
LEARN: Dirk & Cécile (ToolBox coordinators) share challenges and topics that are at stake within non-profit organisations 

These workshops are moments between ToolBoxers. They can evolve at your request and will follow your desire to see them develop in one direction or another.

We look forward to seeing you at this session!