Supporting ToolBox means supporting hundreds of organizations.

Next year, it will be 20 years that ToolBox has been supporting organizations with a social purpose in improving their internal working. That's a lot of projects supported since 2003! 

Today, we manage more than 150 support missions each year.

All of this is supported by a network of incredible volunteers who give their time and expertise to accompany organizations, their boards of directors and their operational teams, who together and every day work for a fairer, more inclusive and more sustainable world. Families with too few financial resources, people with illnesses or disabilities, migrants looking for a new start in our country,... Thanks to these organizations, these people are encouraged, supported and listened to.

Each year brings new challenges. Today, it is the energy and financial crisis that is on our doorstep. This crisis has the particularity of affecting even more the beneficiaries of social organizations but also the organizations themselves in the sustainability of their economic models and therefore their missions ... The challenge is significant.

At ToolBox, we want to be closer than ever to these organizations. In 2023, our desire is to offer them a collective mechanism for exploring, listening to and sharing their internal challenges and the best practices, in this context of successive crises that make their raison d'être more essential than ever.We are convinced that it is by collaborating, thinking together and helping them identify opportunities for synergies and complementarity in their actions, that they will be able to adapt and continue to offer a quality service to their final beneficiaries who continue to grow in number every day.


This challenge requires ToolBox to adapt by developing innovative tools and increasing its visibility to gather the greatest number of organizations.

Donate to ToolBox, and help organizations to face this "permacrisis" situation. So that they can continue to offer their services to the most vulnerable in Belgium.

Each donation of more than 40 euro offers you a tax deduction.

Each donation of more than 250 euro offers you a surprise gift from ToolBox.

Each donation of more than 1000 euro offers you a place in heaven...


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays ⭐️,


The ToolBox Board of Directors & The ToolBox Friends Fund


Hilde Helsen (Board president) 

Framboise Boël (ToolBox Friends Fund administrator)

Caroline de Cartier

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Amandine Englebert

Jurgen Mortier

Caroline Thijssen

Marc Meeùs

Miek Van Den Bossche

Éric Vankeerberghen

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