Thank you Hilde

The great Hilde Helsen has left the head of our Board of Directors after 3 mandates of 3 years.

She gives the floor to Johan Goossens and Caroline de Cartier who take the roles of President and Vice President respectively.

We would like to thank her here for her visionary leadership, her incredible energy and her fantastic commitment. Hilde became a volunteer at ToolBox in 2008. We were not yet talking about ToolBoxers at that time. 15 years of service to the project that will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year. She has known and been behind a lot of the developments of the organization.

In 2013, Hilde became our Board President. The ToolBox team & board could not have asked for a better recruitment. Thanks to her always efficient and enthusiastic action, the project has continued to evolve and grow. How lucky we were to benefit from his unwavering commitment and his human qualities. If ToolBox is where it is today, it owes a lot to Hilde's governance over the last ten years.

Hilde has led about forty board meetings, ten general meetings, numerous recruitments of ToolBoxers, administrators, partners and sponsors. Not to mention the many exchanges with the operational team. Her impulse in all the important moments was a precious and vital asset.

Many many thanks Hilde!

We recommend you to read her last word as president in the introduction of our annual report 2022.