Welcome Anne !

We are very pleased to introduce Anne, new ToolBox coordinator.

My name is Anne Pailhès. I have worked in the cultural and non-profit sectors in France and Belgium, and for international companies in the Netherlands. I have worked as coordinator, digital marketer and in corporate communication roles. 

For the past few years, I have been active as a freelance communication consultant (with focus on internal communication), both for the profit and non-profit sector, but also as a professional coach and lecturer in people management at IHECS. 

I am French-speaking, married to a Dutch-speaking man, and, above all, and a “Brusseleir” at heart! 

What will I do at ToolBox?  

At ToolBox, I will be coordinator and coach/facilitator for projects in the Brussels area, both in Dutch and in French. My goals: to support ToolBox’ development and support the projects, as well as non-profit organizations and volunteer professionals in the best possible way! 

I have always navigated between the profit and non-profit sectors, learning from both, it is really interesting. I believe that having people from each sector work together is a source of enrichment and learning for everyone.  

ToolBox's mission is great because it links the two sectors. On one hand, it gives less financially endowed organizations the opportunity to access external professionals. Through these projects, they can improve their operations and management. In the end, they gain in internal efficiency and can thus devote themselves even better to their social missions. 

On the other hand, for the professionals who give their time and share their expertise, it is a real opportunity to discover new horizons and other ways of working too. 

Finally, the meeting with the ToolBox team was a determining factor: I am thrilled to join this group of passionate, professional, human, and open-minded people (well-reflecting the ToolBox project! )… not to mention their humor!