A gift for the 20th anniversary of ToolBox!

This year, ToolBox is celebrating its 20th anniversary. We want to celebrate this in style with our members. By offering them something meaningful and new. After some creative (and even crazy) ideas, we unanimously decided on ReBoost Day. But why such a day?

Cécile Vennat, Director of ToolBox, explains why:

"ToolBox is 20 years old this year and what a journey we've travelled together! We've been thinking about how to celebrate while staying true to our DNA and putting our "raison d'être" into action. If ToolBox has been around for so long, it's because we've been able to evolve while maintaining our primary objective of supporting not-for-profit directors and their teams in their internal challenges, and offering them some perspective and new skills thanks to a growing community of enthusiastic and professional ToolBoxers. The ReBoost Days quickly established themselves as the ideal birthday present. Because, at ToolBox, we're seeing a change in the role of managers of social organisations : their backpacks of responsibilities are increasingly full, the road they've travelled with their organisation is not an easy one, and the management of associative projects is a complex adventure, requiring ever more versatile and sometimes new skills, to which we've added the management of recent crises.

That's why we've come up with a unique day for them, offering them a moment out of the ordinary to refocus on themselves and their essential role."

With these ReBoost Days, ToolBox wants to offer an inspiring, relaxing and.... reboosting day. As the teams exchange ideas, the programme for this event is being put together: there will be participative workshops, opportunities to meet people and activities to recharge your batteries. The aim for 2023 is to hold 3 ReBoost Days: in Brussels, Namur and Antwerp.

"The aim was threefold: firstly, to enable participants to express themselves on the complexity of their role, while benefiting from the perspective of their peers to find solutions. Secondly, to put the full potential of our community of ToolBoxers at the service of the participants. And thirdly, by opening up the day to non-members, we'll be able to make the voice of not-for-profit leaders more heard, while at the same time devising a new programme for ToolBox in 2024 and beyond, taking into account the needs expressed and the realities on the ground," explains Cécile.

>> What exactly is the programme for these days? Read this article.


To organise these days, we needed an ally. And ToolBox was delighted to be able to count on MonAsbl.be and ASBLissimo to join the adventure and co-organise the ReBoost Days in Brussels and Namur.

Results of the 1st ReBoost Day

The 1st ReBoost Day on 13 June was a success. (See the related article here) We were right: these days meet a need on the part of not-for-profit managers. We received a lot of positive feedback from the 40 participants, who encouraged us to repeat this type of event.
What did they like best? Taking time for themselves and sharing ideas with their peers.

"This event reinforced our belief that it is more vital than ever to address the concerns of directors of non-profit organisations," explains Emilie Vinçotte, co-director of the Agence Pour Le Non-Marchand.

ReBoost Day, season I: episode 2 "Namur" is already available

Did you miss episode 1 "Brussels"? We're delighted to invite you to join us for episode 2, which will take place in Namur on Monday 9 October.


>> For more info and to register, click here!

ReBoost Day, season I: episode 3 "Antwerp" in preparation

Things are also well underway for this final ReBoost Day 2023. But we still have a few things to organise before we can bring it to you. What we can already tell you is that it will take place in Antwerp at the end of November.

And to wrap things up...

These 3 unique days are also an opportunity for ToolBox to get as close as possible to the needs of directors, to understand them as well as possible, to analyse them and to produce a Guide du Routard (to keep with our theme) for Belgian non-profit organisations. Our aim is to offer it to our members at the beginning of 2024.

In what format? It's a surprise! Just the thing to round off this anniversary year in style.